Code of Conduct and Ethics’s Policies and training

Our policy framework addresses human rights, and specifically the risk of modern slavery, and is supported by training.

Our policies

  1.’s Code of Business Conduct is intended to embody our purpose and values. It sets out our collective and individual commitment to conducting business in accordance with them, and with all relevant laws, regulations and industry requirements, as well as with a high standard of ethics and responsibility. Our Code also sets out the headline expectations on human rights, which are further detailed in our Global Human Rights Policy.
  2.’s Human Rights Policy details’s position on our core human rights principles – valuing diversity; preventing harassment, discrimination, child labour and forced labour; expectations on wage and working hours; and enabling freedom of association to trade unions.
  3.’s Partnering with Suppliers Standard has been developed to help drive higher standards in our supply chain. It sets out the minimum standards we require of our suppliers, along with the wider sustainability aspirations we expect our suppliers to be working towards in areas such as water management and emissions reductions. The standard is structured around the following five focus areas of engagement with our suppliers: Business Integrity and Ethical Standards; Human Rights and Labour Standards; Health and Safety; Environmental Impact; Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains.
  4.’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy sets out our vision to make our agricultural supply chains economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and reinforcing our commitment to ensure Human Rights and working conditions throughout our value chain. priorities

Three priorities underpin sustainability and responsibility strategy.

  • Leadership within alcohol in society
  • Building thriving sustainable communities
  • Reducing environmental impact on Misuse of Alcohol

The misuse of alcohol can cause serious problems for individuals, communities, and society. cares passionately about reducing alcohol-related harm through our own programs and through partnership and collaboration with others – and we seek to provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking. alcohol industry commitments

Implement global alcohol industry commitments to expand and increase efforts on:

  1. Reducing underage drinking.
  2. Strengthening and expanding market codes of practice.
  3. Providing consumer information and responsible product innovation.
  4. Reducing drunk driving.
  5. Support from retailers to reduce harmful.